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everyone craves an epic story.

from shakespeare to star wars, we all want to believe a greater narrative is at play. what if i told you the stories you love most were inspired by another? and what if i told you that you have been cast to play a leading part in the next scene? 

History isn't just written and read about. History is made. nothing is random. coincidences don't exist. you're here for a reason, and it's time to discover why.

will you be an active or passive participant in the greatest story ever told?

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"life changing.

the stories draw you in and leave a lasting impression."

matt b.

"one of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading!"

colleen f.

"absolutely amazing. it was seriously hard to put the book down."

hayden w.


make History.

THE ART OF EVERYTHING is an autobiographical collection of twelve life experiences over twelve years paired with twelve eerily similar scriptural accounts from thousands of years ago. each story takes place in ordinary circumstances but yields extraordinary results. 


the ultimate guide for discovering life’s true purpose, THE ART OF EVERYTHING teaches you how to connect your story to the extraordinary story God has been writing through ordinary people for centuries. begin to see an ancient bible through a modern-day lens. reflect on and piece together your past and get a glimpse of how God intends to powerfully use you in the future. approach each action as an art form and open the door for experiencing an abundant life. allow God the creative justice to turn your ordinary into His extraordinary, and turn your story into History.

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"There are no coincidences, because there is a God in heaven who is sovereign over his creation and is present and active in the lives of his people. And the Bible is not merely an account of how God has worked in the past, it is a story in which we live. Winters believes that our stories are connected to God’s grand story of redemption and he illustrates this throughout his book. A skillful storyteller, Winters draws his readers into the great mystery of God’s intimate and redemptive purpose for his creation."

- Dr. Glenn Kreider

Editor in Chief of Bibliotheca Sacra

Professor of Theological Studies, Coordinator for Theological Studies PhD Program

Dallas Theological Seminary

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